About Me


My name is Ryan Dennler and I am a 30 year old web developer based in Costa Rica. I live here with my beautiful and amazing wife and daughter. I enjoy my job of web development.

I always have been fascinated with code in some way or another since the age of 10 when I began to build Visual Basic applications within AOL. That evolved into web development throughout the years.

I began toying with various things and building random personal websites over time and learning as time progressed. I am proficient entirely in Wordpress and know a vast amount of PHP.

I am currently learning the Laravel Framework and jQuery. I am building my own Wordpress framework and hope to show case my first theme on ThemeForest very soon.

Need Work?

If you need work , please let me know. I am available for hire. :)


Hire Me

If you would like me to build something out for you using Wordpress / PHP. Please let me know. I'm available for hire and can work part time on your project.

Contact me at [email protected]